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Chip microcomputer excitation device applicable for the capacity is less than or equal to 10MW of hydropower synchronous generator excitation systems and the capacity is less than or equal to 20MW of steam synchronous generator excitation system.

Characteristics of chip microcomputer excitation device
1. Rectifier circuit use the separated type rectifier module, all control single bridge, the main bridge and three-phase no phase sequence phase position requirements;
2. Use microcomputer series ECA-II type microcomputer excitation control regulator;
3. The kernel of controller use the strengthen RSIC MCU of US ATMEL company and is embedded computer system, AC/DC power supply, high reliability and speed with complete function;
4. Man-machine interface use high-brightness digital display, function key input or display and set touch screen display(based on user need);
5. Use vacuum heat pipe for heat dissipation with temperature monitor and control and back fan;
6.With standard RS485 serial interface, with four remote controls function(remote measuring, remote signalling, remote regulating and remote control);
7. High adjustment precision, stable operation with good static and dynamic characteristics;
8. Easy operation and maintenance;
9.The entire screen adopts modularization, unitization, drawer type design.
Main function of chip microcomputer excitation device
1. Constant pressure regulating function according to the voltage deviation of generator terminal.
2. Constant flow regulating function with exciting current as feedback.
3. Constant COSΦ regulating function with power factor as feedback.
4. Constant pressure regulating, constant flow regulating, constant COSΦ regulating functions can be arbitrarily switched without disturbance.
5. Over-excitation limit.
6. Voltage/frequency(V/F) limit.
7. Under-excitation limit.
8. No-load overvoltage protect.
9. PT open circuit protection.
10. Dual computer hot standby. (optional)
11. Multi-bridge automatically current-sharing.

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