From 2005 to the end of 2012, ADDNEW and its factory (in Hunan, China) have designed, manufactured and installed successfully over 170 small Hydroelectric Power Stations in Albania, Chili, Congo, India, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Zambia and other overseas markets. The equipment for those hydropower stations are unit-capacity from 800KW to 50MW and the total power generating capacities of each station ranging from 1600KW-200MW. All the completed stations are now in their smooth operation and maintaining their peak performance after their installations.

In China, ADDNEW has completed over 380 similar projects in the same period in different provinces. Those domestic hydropower stations with ADDNEW's designs and equipment have been continuously welcomed for their reliable quality and better performance in power-generating.

Some of our customers home and abroad praised ADDNEW's products as their cash-printers because their hydropower stations generate the electricity and output the power and thus bring them steady cash-incomes everyday by selling the electricity produced. Till today, most of the equipment in service generate more electricity than the designed capacity, which has guaranteed the returns of investment (ROI) for the plant owners or investors.
Some examples of those successfully executed hydropower projects

Every product, equipment, service and whole-system from ADDNEW will be specially designed and customized according to each customer's requirements and based on the conditions of each project site such as the head, flow and plant configuration. If you need us to design a techno-financial proposal for your project, please send us your specific requirements now, our sales engineers will contact you the soonest.

Addnew Hydropower Limited designs, manufactures and supplies the proven-reliable-quality Hydropower Generating Equipment and Systems (Hydroelectric Generating Units) at the most reasonable prices for any new or existing Hydropower Stations:
> Hydro Turbines and their Governors (Manual or PID with PLC): Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Tubular Turbine (Bulb, Pit, S-type), Inclined-jet Turbine;
> Horizontal or Vertical Hydro Generators, Hydro Turbine Generators, Excitation Systems, etc.;
> Control Systems, Monitoring Systems, Protection Systems, Communication Systems, Automation Systems, etc.;
> Transformers, Switchgears, Regulators, Step-up or substation equipment and systems;
> Hydro Mechanic Equipment such as penstocks, speed adjusters, valves, sluice gates, cranes, trash-racks, etc.;
> Auxiliary equipment and systems such as watering or draining systems, air systems, oil systems, lubricating systems, fire protection systems, etc.;
> Electromechanical equipment and other electrical or mechanical equipment for hydropower plants;
> Installation, commissioning, test-run, maintenance, renovation, upgrading and other customized engineering services.