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Introduction of Inclined-jet turbine

Inclined-jet turbine: The pressure energy of water flow is changed to velocity energy by the nozzle, since leaving the nozzle, the water flow is not in a closed system, but forms the free jet in the spiral casing filled with atmosphere, and at the same time there are 3-4 buckets receiving the free jet from the same nozzle with unequal-sized discharge. There was a fixed angle (usually take 22.5 degree) between the jet center of nozzle exit and the inlet water plane of runner.

Reference pictures of Inclined-jet turbine
Characteristics and application scope of Inclined-jet turbine:

Application scope of heads: 15m~300m
Applicable discharges: Q=0.089~8.30m3/s
Runner diameters: 0.05m ~ 5m
Installable capacity: 500KW ~ 6000KW
Specific ratio speed: 18 ~ 45
Types and Structures of Generators: Vertical, Horizontal; Bearing, Bearing Bush
Adjustment and governing methods: Automatic, Manual and Electric.

Suitable for small hydropower stations which are of high water head and small water flow.

Features: Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, sufficient output, low noise, normal running, and reliability quality. Disadvantages: Low efficiency.

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