hydro generator

Manufacturing Capability of Addnew

ADDNEW is a 36-year manufacturer, supplier and EPC contractor of a complete range of Hydro Turbines, Generators, Electromechanical, Auxiliary Equipment and Engineering Service for any new or existing Hydropower Plant and new-generation Automation Systems for Power Station and Power Grid.

* 246,000 square meters production building area;

* More than 800 sets of production equipment;

* 7 main workshops and 2 auxiliary workshops;

* 200 technicians and engineers;

* Over 500 personnel skilled workers;

* Certificated by ISO9000-2000 and CE.

Manufacturing facilities for hydro turbine, generators and other related equipments of power stations (Only some examples)

Double Column Vertical Lathe 5t,3t Furnace Horizontal Lathe
Welding Positioner Automatic Cutting Machine Boring Lathe
Horizontal Motor Seat Vertical Lathe CNC Processing Center
Gantry type Milling Machine Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe Large Gantry Milling Machine
Expander for Generator Rotor Coil Machining Hot-pressing Machine for Generator Rotor Coil Machining Vacumm Paint Dipping Facilities

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