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Characteristics of DC power system
DC systems from Addnew Hydropower Limited are widely used for hydropower stations, thermal power plants, all kinds of transformer stations and other DC equipment users. It provides DC power for signal equipment, protection, automation devices, accident lighting, emergency power and circuit breakers as well as switching-on operation. DC power system is an independent power, it will not be influenced by generator, station power and system operation method. It can guarantee that the standby power-storage battery will provide DC power under the situation of external current interruption. The reliability and safety of the DC panel will affect the reliability and safety of the power supply of the power system. The nominal unit for DC system is the battery capacity, such as 65AH,100AH, the common name is GZDW-65AH,GZDW-100AH.

The DC system consists of two parts. The first part is battery panel and the other part is DC charging panel (DC panel). The battery panel is a cabinet which can hold many batteries. DC distribution voltage and battery number: 9 pieces of 12V batteries for 110V DC system, 18 pieces of 12V batteries for 220V DC system.

DC panel is the abbreviation of DC power operation system. The common name is intelligent maintenance free DC power panel, short for DC panel. The common type is GZDW. DC panel input is AC, output is DC. When AC power is cut off, there will be no output for AC panel, but DC panel can still output DC power. DC panel is a new-type DC system with digital control, protection, management and measurement.

DC panel consists of cabinet, rectifier module system, monitoring system, insulation monitoring unit, battery inspection unit, open and close degree inspection unit, pressure decrease unit and a series of distribution units, such as AC input, DC output, voltage display and current display.

DC panel is divided into distributed DC panel and wall mounted DC panel, it has DC charging panel and DC feeder panel. Charging panel usually provides DC power to DC load as well as charging for the storage batteries. DC feeder panel distributes the DC from the charging panel to each DC load.
The types of DC power system
DC charging panel DC feeder panel

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