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Automation Systems – “Brain, nervous system and muscles” of each plant!
Every project has to be installed with the micro computer protection and control systems according to the unit and transformer capacity. The protection devices should meet the requirement of reliability, choice, fast action and sensitivity. It can send out signal or switch off automatically and quickly. They have functions of switching off, accurate alarm, trouble record, sequential record, trouble report, auto in section, set up and modification of the setting data. Microcomputer protection module has the function port to monitoring and control system. The main computer can do the overall management to protect and control the equipment and power systems.

Generator protection
1) Pilot protection.
2) Rotor over current, over load and earthing protection.
3) Over excitation voltage and low excitation voltage protection.
4) Non-electric quantity protection.
5) Compound voltage inter lock direction over current protection (memory).
6) Stator over current, over load and winding single way earthing protection.
7) negative sequence over current and over load protection. (rotor external surface negative sequence over load protection)
8) Low and over voltage protection.
9) Low and high frequency protection.
10) Loss of excitation protection.
11) Reverse power protection.
12) Measurement function.

Motor protection
1) Current fast break protection.
2) Inverse time current limit protection.
3) Low voltage protection.
4) Long time for start up and motor shaft lock protection.
5) Over load protection.
6) Over heat protection.
7) Longitudinal differential protection.
8) Zero sequence over current protection.
9) Measurement function.
Transformer protection
1) Differential protection.
2) Three stops compound voltage inter lock direction over current protection.
3) Over load protection.
4) Zero sequence current protection.
5) Zero sequence voltage protection.
6) Gap zero sequence current and voltage protection.
7) PT disconnection alarm.
8) Measurement function.

Line protection
1) Current and voltage chain protection.
2) Three stops low voltage inter lock direction over current protection.
3) Over load protection.
4) Bus couple charging protection.
5) Synchronization inspection, no voltage inspection, reclose of three phases at one time.
6) Three stops zero direction current protection.
7) PT disconnection alarm.
8) Measurement function.

Station transformer protection
1) Two stops timing compound limit voltage interlock over current protection.
2) High voltage side zero sequence timing over current limit protection.
3) Over load protection.
4) Low voltage side zero sequence timing over current limit protection.
5) Low voltage side zero sequence inverse time over current limit protection.
6) Zero sequence over voltage protection.
7) Low voltage protection.
8) Non electrical quantity protection.
9) Measurement function.

Capacitor protection
1) Three stops over current protection.
2) Three stops zero sequence over current protection.
3) Over voltage protection.
4) Under voltage protection.
5) Three phases unbalanced current protection.
6) Three phases unbalanced voltage protection.
7) Capacitor auto input and cut off.
8) PT disconnection alarm.
9) Measurement function.

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