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Characteristics of synchronous panel

* Guarantee to grasp the first synchronization chance to realize the synchronization accurately, quickly and reliably.
* Auto change parameters to adjust the frequency, pressure and predict the switching on phase angle.
* It has multi adjustment methods to adapt to different working objects.
* It has multi trouble inspection functions with reliable and easy use.
* It is suitable for one set of generating unit or single line switching on synchronization.
* It can set up 8 parallel points with synchronization features of 8 free definitions.
* It has net working and upper computer communication function.

Technical parameters of synchronous panel
* Power: AC85V~250V DC100V~250V
* Input PT signal:
Generator (parallel side) standard voltage: 0V~100V+30V
Net (system side) standard voltage: 0V~100V+30V
* Input synchronous feedback signal: Including auxiliary permanent open contact point signal
* Output signal: Six contact points signal of speed increase, speed decrease, pressure increase, pressure decrease, synchronous switching on and trouble. They are output through relay method. The contact capacity is AC resistance 220V/5A; AC resistance 380V/2A; DC 110V/0.8A, DC 220V/0.2A.

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