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Characteristics of Thermometry Cabinets
Thermometry braking cabinets from Addnew uses a new type of temperature control instrumentation, temperature instrumentation as main control unit, realize to the thrust bearing, water guide bearing temperature, the stator coil, a stator core, oil cooler oil tank, inlet and outlet temperature of sentinel / patrol monitoring measurement. At the same time the allocation of the electromagnetic air valve and manual valve, complete sets of automatic and manual brake operation.

Temperature and velocimetry braking panels
General description:
Temperature and velocimetry braking panels are applied for upper, lower guide bearing, and thrust bearing. It can monitor and measure the pad temperature of turbine guide bearing and oil temperature inside the oil groove, generator coil and iron core, inlet and outlet air temperature of the air cooler. When unit speed decreases to 30% to 35% of the rated speed, the electric signal of the speed signal measurement and control device will change the air flow direction inside the brake pipe to realize the unit shutdown.

This cabinet consists of cabinet body, temperature and speed measurement system, braking sealing system and pressure control and display system. It has advantages of high accuracy, easy operation, reliable action performance, high level of automation, long working life, high performance and competitive price. It is the leader among similar type of products.

Main technical data:
1. Meter input power: AC 220V15%; DC100~ 250V.
2. Air valve operation power: DC 220V, 110V or AC 220V.
3. Braking system operation air pressure: 0.1~1MPa.
4. Brake control method: Single way and double way.
5. Diameter of air inlet and outlet pipes: f8, f10, f12, f15.
6. Air braking valve: MFH-5 integrated valve.
7. Oil braking valve: DPW electro magnetic distribution valve.
8. Oil brake operation pressure: 2.5-6.3MPa.
9. Cabinet outline size: 800mmx600mmx2260mm.
10. Pipe fittings inside the cabinet: Purple copper pipe.
11. Meter configuration inside the cabinet: (Digital meters are manufactured by our company).
1) Intelligent digital temperature meter, usually it adopts outline size of 160*80, or 96*96, 96*48, 72*72.
2) The outline size of speed signal measurement and control device, temperature inspecting instrument and shear pin signal device is 160*80 mm.
3) The outline size of electric contact pressure gauge and pressure gauge usually adopts DN100mm, or DN 150mm. It can also adopt higher configuration of digital meters.

Thermometry braking cabinets
General description
Thermometry braking panels adopts the new type temperature control instrument and temperature inspection instrument as the main control units to realize the temperature monitor and measurement for thrust bearing, water guide bearing, stator coil and iron core, oil tank, inlet and outlet air temperature of the air cooler. It is equipped with electro magnetic air valve and manual spherical valve to realize unit auto and manual braking operation. This cabinet can monitor the braking air source pressure and braking valve status according to different selections and configurations made by customers.

* No interference between manual and auto operation circuit. All components of this device adopts stainless steel to adapt to moisture working condition.
* Advanced technical performance and high reliability.
* Perfect function setup and easy installation and maintenance.
* Optimized system configuration and reasonable cost.

Main technical data
* Working circuits: 64, selective.
* Working power: 220VAC, 220VDC, 110VAC, 24VDC.
* Measuring signal type: Thermal resistance, thermoelectric couple, current, voltage, speed signal. Selective.
* Resolution: 1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 byte.
* Relay output: DPDT/type, 3A/AC220V 6A/DC24V.
* Analog output: Current 4-20mA.
* Brake pressure: 1.0Mpa.
* Air source requirement: contamination particles = 4 0 m.
* Brake circuit type: Single electric control forced return; Double electric control, spring return.

System composition
This device consists of intelligent temperature display control apparatus, temperature inspection instrument, speed signal device, electro magnetic air valve and other non electric monitoring and measurement meters which can be configured easily and braking circuit elements.
The braking circuit can be equipped with two position three way single electric control electro magnetic valve, two position three way double electric control electro magnetic valve, integrated braking valve fittings according to the different type of unit air brake. It can be equipped with double braking circuit system during special application occasion. Besides the above core elements, the braking circuit is equipped with pressure switch, pressure gauge, gas water separation filter and manual operation spherical valve. To guarantee the braking air system clean, each element is connected by stainless pipes.

Main functions:
Monitoring and measurement function
This device can do multi circuits temperature monitoring and measurement, including some circuits fixed-point monitoring. Each circuit of the fixed-point monitoring has a II class independent alarm output contact. A set of disconnection signal will be output when temperature sensor is disconnected. II class alarm temperature value can be set at other monitoring points. It can send out the relevant class alarm signal when the temperature exceeds the alarm setting value. This device can also be equipped on the speed meter to set up the alarm value for 8 circuits speed monitoring signal.
Communication function
To meet monitoring and control communication requirements, it can be equipped with communication function. It adopts RS485 port and MODBUS-RTU agreement.
Braking function
This device is equipped with high performance electro magnetic air valve. It only needs to connect the ports of the air system according to stipulations to realize the unit brake. The brake method includes: electric auto /manual air brake, fall air brake, local manual air brake and fall air brake.

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