power automation systems

Automation Systems – “Brain, nervous system and muscles” of each plant!
Introduction of Automation Systems
Hydropower stations are mainly located in remote mountainous area and far from town, which use computer monitoring and control system instead of manual operation and timing tour of inspection and record etc miscellaneous labor to realize the unattended or less unattended.

Integrated automation of hydropower station is a full automatic monitoring control system and based on the basis of computer monitoring and control system, which is used for the hydrological measuring and reporting the whole hydropower plant, even the cascade hydropower stations or the entire river basin(including start-stop control and operating condition monitoring of the Unit, auxiliary and utility equipments, load distribution), until the automatic control of transmission line in the whole operation process, and is able to accurate and real-time data communicate etc with the scheduling department at the next higher level. Generally it includes five subsystems.

Computer monitoring and control system
This part is the core and basis of the integrated automation system, Its main function.
The center monitoring and computer system of cascade hydropower station should have four remote functions: remote measuring, remote control, remote communication, remote setting.

Industrial television monitoring system
Industrial television monitoring system is an important means of modern management and monitoring.
Its main purpose is to timely and real accurately reflect the actual information of monitored diagonal, which provide the basis and references for decision-making.
Industrial television monitoring system is independent of the real-time computer monitoring and control system. In hydropower station, the computer monitoring system can be implemented first and then the industrial television monitoring system.

Fire-fighting monitoring system
By setting the detector on the main important parts, oil store, main building facilities etc of the main and deputy factory, main transformer district, main mechanical and electrical equipments, the fire-fighting system can realize 24h uninterrupted fire monitoring for the major sites of hydropower station. After information processing, all the fire information by the host of computer monitoring system of hydropower station is sent to the computer monitoring and control system. This system and the computer monitoring and control system is realized communication by using asynchronous communication mode.
Furthermore, the fire-fighting system also can realize the control for ventilation, fire smoke exhaust equipment, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system and water spray extinguishing system.

Basic automation components and automatic devices
Based automation components are the eyes and ears and hands and feet for monitoring the operation condition of main and auxiliary equipments, judging and dealing with abnormal state, executive control operation in the hydropower station. Its operation status directly affects the automatic control and safety protection performance of the unit and auxiliary equipment.
Independent of the computer monitoring and control system, the automatic devices can work alone and are the automatic control and regulation device for the corresponding equipments or the logical combination of loop. In the integrated automation system of hydropower station, there must be rapid, sensitive, safe, stable and reliable automatic control equipments matching with the computer monitoring equipments to achieve good economic benefits.
Computer monitoring and control system should be connected with water regulator, excitation regulator, microcomputer type relay protection device and other automatic devices.

Hydrology automatic telemetering system
Timely, accurately and quickly collecting water data, the hydrology automatic telemetering system make the flood forecast through the computer in a relatively short period of time. This system have very vital significance for the flood control, sediment desilting, power generation, peak and frequency modulation, irrigation, shipping and drift wood etc of hydropower station.
The protection monitoring integrated system is developed as new type integrated automation system of hydropower station for the medium and small hydropower stations to realize the unattended or less unattended.
Device structure: every device has a separate terminal blocks, whichwiring is simple and easy for maintenance.
Complete functions: the system can measure, control, protect and display the signals of the whole station equipments, and implement the online SCADA monitoring and remote control through the network.
Intelligent operation: set two kinds of manual and automatic mode.
High reliability: each electrical device has independent CPU and fault tolerance safety circuit, the whole system adopts full digital that ensure the reliability from structure and principle.
High performance-cost ratio: economic operation make the plant get maximum power generation benefit according to the water level, unattended or less unattended to save operating cost.

The types of Automation Systems
Intelligent Power Distribution Automation System

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Integrated Automation System for Power Plant

It mainly applies to the small and medium hydropower or thermal power plants with unit capacity of 100MW and below, in which the microcomputer protection... More details
Integrated Automatic System of Substation

This system mainly applies to the transmission and distribution substation of power system or grid, the substation of a factory power supply system...
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Power Dispatching Automation System

The system applies to the county electric power dispatch system, railway water and electric dispatch system etc...
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