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Brief introduction
Dispatch system is developed with new thought, new technology and new strategy based on the comprehensive analysis of the defects and limitations in domestic traditional SCADA system. The system applies to the county electric power dispatch system, railway water and electric dispatch system etc, can also be used in other fields such as telecommunications, transportations, petrol, chemical industry, environmental protection and water conservancy etc with a wide applicability.
The system adopts various latest technologies of computer fields, such as the technology of object – “Object Oriented Programming” and Opening Data Base Connectivity etc., fully distributed architecture, and it can implement the functions of plug-in application program expansion, external data base access and calling other commercial software as system tool software, which makes the system to have a great extended compatibility with a strong professional characteristic.
Typical application
These drawings are only as a reference for the system structure, the detailed dispatch automatic system is determined by the scale and function requirement.

Single network, single front-end station and single server model
Double network mode (single network is used usually)
Main features
* Client/Server architecture
* Good transportability
* Powerful data base
* Standard network architecture
. Support network interconnection (MIS network, other control system)
. Support WAN
. Support double-network redundancy mechanism to guarantee the network reliability
* Advanced front-end-processor system
. Networking data communication
. Secondary development interface with communication protocol
* Authority management and security
* Advanced graphic interface system
* Powerful reporting system
Main functions
* Data acquisition
* Data processing
* Power grid controlling
* Real-time data base
* Historical data base management
* Graphic interface displaying
* Reporting subsystem function
* Alarm subsystem function
* Projector/simulation screen drive function
* User authority management
* Other additional functions
Main Technical Index
System capacity
* Quantity of RTU accessed in: maximum is 64 loop
* Mode and capacity of data acquisition, processing and controlling
* Tele-metering quantity (analog quantity ): 64x256 pcs (can arbitrary configuration)
* Tele-signal quantity (switching quantity): 64x512 pcs(can arbitrary configuration)
* Pulse quantity 64x64 pcs
* telecontrol quantity 64x512 pcs
* tele-regulation quantity 64x64 pcs
Real-time indexes
* Refresh cycle of telemetering quantity
* Refresh cycle of important telemetering quantity: =2S
* Refresh cycle of ordinary telemetering quantity: =5S
* Refresh cycle of minor telemetering quantity: =10S
* Telesignal deflect transmission time when fault : =3S
* Transmission time of telecontrol and teleregulation order : =4S
* Respond time for calling graph: real-time graph =1S; non real-time graph =2~4S
* Refresh time of real-time data on the graph: 3S
* Failover time of dual units : =10S
* resolution between SOE station : =20ms
* Fault push graph: =4S
* WEB real-time displaying time: =5S
System Reliability
* Telesignal processing accuracy: 99.9%
* Teleregulation processing accuracy: 100%
* System availability: >99.9%
* Mean Time Between Failure: >30000 hours

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