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Brief introduction
This integrated automation system mainly applies to the small and medium hydropower or thermal power plants with unit capacity of 100MW and below, in which the microcomputer protection, monitoring and control systems are integration or relatively independent operation. Adopting completely open hierarchical distributed network structure and meeting the international standards, the system is a new generation of microcomputer automation system based on Windows/Unix operation platform and object-oriented design. This system can easily fulfill the automation on operation supervisory, control adjustment and operation management of the overall plant to achieve the aim of 'No person on duty, few person on guard'. This system is in the leading level in China with advantages of high performance cost ratio, advanced technology, friendly interface and simple operation etc..
Typical application
These drawings are only as a reference for the system structure, local LCU equipment type and quantity depending on plant size and functionality requirements.

Active-standby hot standby mode (single CAN Bus)
Double network mode (single network is used usually)
Main features
* Widely open, layered distribution structure;
* Safe and reliable, powerful functions, can meet various needs of customer;
* Good redundancy and expansibility, modular design, flexible functional configuration;
* Support multi-master node, multi-priority information transmission;
* Ability of on-line self-inspection, self-diagnosis and recovery;
* Friendly human-machine interface, convenient and flexible operation.
Main functions
* Remote measuring, signaling, controlling and adjusting
* Relay protection function
* Data acquisition function
* Data processing function
* Control and regulation function
* Monitoring function
* Self-diagnosis and self-recovery function
* Warning function
* Man-machine conversation function
* Communication function
* Operation management and instruction function
* Other additional functions, such as printer, GPS timing etc.
Main Technical Index
Real-time Index
* Acquisition cycle of status and alarm point: =100mS
* Event sequence record point resolution: =2mS
* Acquisition cycle of Electrical and non-electrical analog value data: =1s
* Acquisition cycle of pulse value data: =1s
* Response time from LCU receiving control order to execute the order: =1s
* Response time from LCU changing date to the plant level database:=1s
* Time synchronization accuracy: =1s
* Displaying time of calling a new graph: =1s
* Refresh time of graph dynamic data: =1s
* Response time from operator giving order to receive verified answer: =1s
* Display time for alarm or produce images information: =1s
* Active-standby automatic switching time: no disturbance, the real-time task don't interrupt.
* Joint control active power execution cycle time: 2S~3min (adjustable)
* Joint control reactive power execution cycle time: 2S~3min (adjustable)
* processing cycle time of automatic economic operation function: 2min~15min
* Execute responding time of automatic control order: =2.0s
Reliability and availability
* System availability: =99.98%
* Mean time between failures(MTBF): >20000h
* Mean time between failures(MTBF) of each object device: =30000h
* Mean time between failures(MTBF) of power supply, module and passage: =50000h
* Mean time to repair(MTTR) of system: =0.5h

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