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KYN61-40.5 metal armored drawout type switch cabinet applies to the single bus and single bus section power system with three phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 35KV, which accept and distribute electrical energy, control, protect and monitor the circuit for the power plant, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises.

Working conditions of KYN61-40.5 type switchgear cabinet:
Maximum environment temperature: +40 ℃
Lowest environment temperature: -15 ℃
Daily average relative humidity: 95% and below
Monthly average relative humidity: 90% and below
Highest altitude: 1000m
Earthquake intensity: not exceeding 8 degree
Ambience: No fire, no explosion, no serious contamination, no chemical corrosive gas, no severe vibration.

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage


Rated current

1250A , 1600A , 2000A , 2500A

Rated frequency


Rated short time breaking current

16KA, 20KA, 25KA, 31.5KA

Rated close current (peak)

40KA, 50KA, 63KA, 80KA

3s rated thermal stability current

16KA, 20KA, 25KA, 31.5KA

Rated dynamic stability current (peak)

40KA, 50KA, 63KA, 80KA

Rated active load open current


1min rated work frequency withstand voltage


Rated Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)


1min rated operating frequency withstand voltage between the isolation fracture


Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) between the isolation fracture


1min rated operating frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary circuit


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