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Introduction of W(S)T type governor

W(S)T type consists of microcomputer governor and hydraulic servo. The hardware adopts modular construction with the characteristics of highly dependability, compact structure, convenient operation, high liability, fast response time, easy to operate, repair, and expansion, strong ability of resisting oil pollution, etc..

Apply to large type Francis turbine generator set, Axial-flow turbine generator set and Tubular turbine generator set.

The microcomputer controller adopted imported programmable logic controller as central control unit, and touch screen as the man-machine friendly contact surface. The Ethernet, RS232, RS422 or RS485 were used as communication interface. Both AC and DC power supply systems were put into the speed governor, which can transfer into manual operation when the AC or DC functionalities have gone.

The hydraulic servo system use stepper motor to control the main distributing valve directly and the whole part of machine adopt the integrated block type composite structure and is gasket mounted.

The W(S)T type microcomputer governor adopts adaptive variable structure, changing the parameters and parallel PID regulating mode, which can materialize the various operation of the Units such as automatic switch, shut down, frequency modulation, increase or decrease of the load, emergency shut-down etc, all of which can be controlled by the governor from the machine or even remote control. The net frequency adjustment can be automatically traced in no-load condition and quick grid-connection without impulse. This software has strong functions in self diagnosis, fail-safe, fault-tolerant and error correction to ensure the unit’s safe operation. Furthermore, it could configure the color touch screen, improve governor’s water level control and regulate the power according to the user’s needs.

Basic parameters of W(S)T type governor



PID Parameters Setting Range

Proportional Gain


Integral Gain

0-10 1/s

Derivative Gain

0-5 s

Permanent Speed Droop


Artificial Frequency Dead Band


Frequency Setting


Gate Opening Setting


Power Setting


Electric Gate Opening Limited Setting


Rated Operating Oil Pressure


The model code of the W(S)T type governor
1. Regulator features W: Microcomputer electro hydraulic governor
2. Object class: Double adjustment turbine governor. Single adjustment turbine governor, omit this term
3. Product feature T: Governor
4. Diameter of the guide vane’s main discharge valve: 80, 100, 150, units: mm
5. Diameter of the wheel blade’s main discharge valve: 80, 100, 150, units: mm. If the diameter of the guide vane’s main discharge valve is the same with the floatboard’s, omit this term.

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