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Brief introduction of butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is the valve which the butterfly plate rotate around the adherent bearing inside the valve body.
Butterfly valve is a novel shutoff valve that can transport and control the medium. Nominal pressure of butterfly valve: PN0.25~4.0MPa, Nominal diameter: DN100~4600mm, Operation temperature: =425 degree.
Butterfly valve consists of valve body, butterfly plate, valve shaft, sealing ring and transmission device.

Inlet valve of hydropower station:
The inlet pipe of turbines and large pumping stations etc unit equipments are generally equipped with valves. As the inlet valve for turbine, the function of butterfly valve is to close the valve to cut off the water flow for the intake pipe or unit maintenance; when the Unit is prolong outage, close the valve to reduce water loss; When mechanism fail to close and valve operating mechanism is dead electricity or oil source is suddenly disappeared caused by the Unit accident, emergency shut down the valve under the dynamic water condition to prevent accident expand. The key guarantee for safe and reliable operation of hydropower generator units or pump stations are whether the inlet valve can realize dynamic water shut down in case of emergency or not.

Features of butterfly valve
1. Simple structure, small boundary dimension, compact structure with short length, small volume, light weight, suitable for large diameter valves.
2. Small fluid resistance: when fully open, the effective flow area of valve seat channel is large, so the fluid resistance is small.
3. Open and close easily and quickly, good regulation performance, the butterfly plate rotate 90 degree from open to close.
4. Small opening and closing torque to save energy.
5. Good low pressure sealing performance, the material of sealing surface is commonly used rubber and plastics with sealing performance.
Classification of butterfly valve
According to:
Structure: center sealing butterfly valve, single eccentric sealing butterfly valve, double eccentric sealing butterfly valve, three eccentric sealing butterfly valve;
Material of sealing surface: soft sealing butterfly valve and metal hard sealing butterfly valve;
Seal form: mandatory seal sealing valve, pressurized sealing butterfly valve, automatic sealing butterfly valve;
Connection ways: wafer butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve;
There is other classification divided into operation pressure and temperature.
Connection types of butterfly valve

Driving modes of butterfly valve

Intelligent heavy hammer hydraulic control slow closed butterfly valve

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