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Brief introduction of gate valve

Gate valve is the valve that the closing member (flashboard) vertically move along with the center line of pathway. Gate valve plays a cut off role in the pipeline and can't be used for regulation and throttling.
Features: reliable sealing performance, high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.
Types: manual operation gate valve, gear drive gate valve, motor drive gate valve and pneumatic control mode gate valve.

Main advantages of gate valve
1. Small fluid resistance, sealing surface suffer small scour and erosion of medium.
2. Saving effort for open and close.
3. Medium flow direction is not restricted, not disturbing flow, not reduce the pressure.
4. Simple shape, short length of structure, good casting process, wide range of application.
Disadvantages of gate valve
1. The erosion and abrasion is easy occurred between the sealing surface, which is difficult to maintenance.
2. Large outer dimension, a certain time is needed for opening, long open and close time.
3. There are two sealing surfaces, so it has difficulty in processing, grinding and maintenance.
Classification of gate valve
According to national standard: GB gate valve, API gate valve, DIN gate valve, JIS gate valve;
According to connection mode: flange gate valve, weld gate valve, threaded gate valve(inner thread and outer thread);
According to pressure grade: high pressure gate valve, low (medium) pressure gate valve;
According to drive mode: electric gate valve, pneumatic gate valve, manual gate valve.
There is also other classification according to material, purpose, valve isolation method etc.
Structure features of gate valve in hydropower station:
1. Central parts without valve cover pressure, self-tightening connection.
2. The disc is the wedge elastic single disc or wedge double disc structure.
3. The disc/gate seat is double-faced surfacing cobalt-based cemented carbide.
4. High temperature creep resistance design.
5. The valve rod uses Nitriding type precipitation hardening stainless steel.
6. It has manual, gear (bevel gear and spur gear) drive, electric type.
Materials for the main parts of gate valve in hydropower station

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