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Brief introduction of pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valve is the valve that the inlet pressure reduce to a needed outlet pressure by adjusting the bolt, and the outlet pressure remaine stable automatically relied on the energy of medium itself. From the view of fluid mechanics, the pressure reducing valve is a throttling component with changeable local resistance, which mean that the flow rate and kinetic energy of fluid is changed by changing the throttling area, that lead to different pressure loss to realize pressure reduction. Then the downstream pressure is balanced with the spring force reply on the adjustment of the control and regulation system to make the downstream pressure remain constant within a certain error range.

Classification of water pressure reducing valve
According to purpose: air pressure reducing valve, steam pressure reducing valve, gas pressure reducing valve, water pressure reducing valve etc;
According to structure format: diaphragm type and piston type pressure reducing valve.
Structure features and application of water pressure reducing valve
Water pressure reducing valve series belong to the guide piston pressure reducing valve.
Composition:main valve(mainly composed of valve seat, main valve plate, piston, cylinder liner, spring etc parts) and pilot valve(valve seat, valve clack, diaphragm, spring and regulating spring etc. parts).
By adjusting the spring pressure to set the outlet pressure, using the diaphragm to sense the variation of outlet pressure; open and close the actuating piston through the pilot valve, adjust the size of flow area on the throttle position of main valve to realize pressure reduction and voltage regulation.
This product is mainly used in steam pipeline for pressure reduction and voltage regulation.

Materials for the main parts of water pressure reducing valves

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