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Brief introduction of spherical valve

Spherical valve is the valve which the sphere rotate around the center line of valve body to open and close.
The open-close disc (sphere) of spherical valve is drived by the valve rod and rotate round the axial line of valve rod. Itís mainly used for cutting off or connecting the medium inside the pipeline as well as adjusting and controlling the liquid. There is very strong shear force between the V-type sphere core and metal valve sea surfaced with cemented carbide in the hard sealing V-type spherical valve, which is especially applicable for the medium contained with fiber and small solid material etc. For multi-pass spherical valve in the pipeline, it not only can flexibly control the switchover of the confluence, distributary and flow direction of medium, but also close any channel to connect the other two channels.

Features of spherical valve
1. Small fluid resistance, the resistance coefficient is equal to the pipe sections with same length.
2. Simple structure, small size and light weight.
3. Good sealing.
4. Easy operation, quick open and close, just rotate 90 degree from fully open to fully close, convenient for remote control.
5. Convenience maintenance, simple structure, easy to dismantling and change.
6. The sealing surface of sphere body and valve seat is separated with the medium; when the medium pass through, it will not cause the corrosion on the valve sealing surface.
7. Wide application scope.
Classification of spherical valve
According to the function:
1. Bypass valve: Spherical valve is hydrostatic opened generally. So the bypass valve is set up for pressure balance, that is to say fill both sides with water.
2. Air valve: When filled with water, the buoy close the valve by itself; when drainaged water to eliminate air, the buoy fall by itself to supplementary air.
3. Decompression valve: when open and close the valve, drain the pressure water between the valve and seal cover to avoid wearing the seal cover.
4. Blowdown valve: drain the sewage inside the bottom of ball shell.
According to transmission mechanism:
1. Pneumatic spherical valve
2. Electric spherical valve
3. Hydraulic spherical valve
4. Pneumatic-hydraulic spherical valve
5. Electric-hydraulic spherical valve
6. Turbine driven spherical valve
Precautions for the installation and maintenance of spherical valve
1. the rotate room for valve handle should be leave;
2. It cannot be used as throttle.
High-pressure hydropower spherical valve

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